A paintings series created since 2015
“Pham Huy Thong’s (b.1981) artwork seen in this exhibition plays on Vietnam’s real estate and history of economic development. In Vietnamese, “real estate” is called “bất động sản” which means an access which does not move. The idea of “not moving” is just a relative conditional definition. Physically, the earth moves and real estate are always moving or changing in this matter. The price of land is volatile, dependent on factors such as economic health, migration, urban planning and sometimes even based on nothing but speculation.
From a sociological point of view, a piece of land is part of it people culture and hold a longstanding history of a nation. The artist paintings of the landscape of Saigon comprise detached buildings and land, expressing the rapid movement of precious real estate similar to ships in the open sea on high tide. In his perspective, a town, city and the country is dependent on its people (the sailors) who help determine its movement; whether to move forward, remain stagnant or perhaps sink to the bottom of the sea” – quote from Nizam Rahmat, curator of Semangat X exhibition in Petronas Gallery, KL, Malaysia 2016