Suy Van 02 – The remaining of her garden

Real Estate series – Old Story Retelling series

2020 – Oil on linen – 130cm x 100cm –

Model: YVy (nickname)


Súy Vân is a character in a famous Vietnamese folk play. She has pretended to be crazy to escape from a none-love marriage. But her new lover, the one that she had scarify all for, was a “Don Juan”. He disposed her after a while. Losing everything, Suy Van turned to be crazy for real and committed suicide. Audiences through centuries have been giving Suy Van very very different comment, from offensively compare her as a slut who runs away for an affair to admire her as a freedom heroine who fight and die for the true love.
In this part of Real Estate painting series, I observe the changing of landscape from rural to urban and belong with it is the changing of cultures and people’s fates. Suy Van is a good example of farming people who are stuck in the changing of “habitat” and have to pay lessons when pursuing their temptation while entering the new lifestyle.