Recovery After The Storm
Vietnam Fine Art Museum, 66 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hanoi.
Opening: 18h00 April 11th, 2014
Exhibition runs till April 17th, 2014

The typhoon Haiyan is considered as the strongest storm that has ever come into land. Overflew the Philippines in the end of 2013, the terrible storm had left its remarks of huge devastation and heavy consequences.
Being conscious of their indispensable role in the society, The multi-national artists team-Asia Art Link has created several effective activities togerther in order to mobilise the material and immaterial ressources fot the victims of Haiyan. Along with the operations carried out in the Philippines, the Asia Art Link in Vietnam will also organise an exhibition revolving the title of “Recovery after the Storm”.

7 artists from the Phillipnes, 8 from the Malaysia, and 11 from the host of Vietnam will be present in the exhibition. There are 24 big size paintings and 3 installation art works which will be displayed in the wonderful space of the Vietnam Fine Art Museum’s showroom.

Besides its humanity meaning, “Recovery After The Storm” is expected to give the remarkable contributions to the society in terms of art competence, diversity angle of view, flexible resolutions of artits over the same issue or title, introduction the international art to Vietnam enriching domestic art environment.

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