2016 China Kunming international oil painting exhibition
Exhibition Time: June 11 - June 26, 2016 
Exhibition Place: Yunnan Art Museum 
About 200 pieces of works on display 

Organised by Yunnan Federation of literary and Art Circles and Yunnan Artists Association 

South Asia, Southeast Asia and Yunnan, China are Asian regions with the most nationalities and the most abundant culture and Arts. They are also the birthplace of Asian culture and Buddhism. There is a variety of art here mutually coexisting with each other since ancient times. Its ecological art is colorful and mysterious which is unique in the world. 
South Asia, Southeast Asia and Yunnan have a long history and have been experiencing deep artistic exchange. The connected land, moistened in the subtropical and tropical climate, has abundant natural resources and have given birth to the colorful civilization so it can be described as geopolitical closed, cultural connected, companionable intimated. Yunnan serves as the exchange and cooperation platform and window connecting China with South Asia, Southeast Asia in a new era. It’s a desirable time to strengthen international art interaction between regions and explore the combination between oriental traditional art and contemporary art so as to promote the research and absorption to traditional art of the region.
The exhibition schemed by the Oil Painting Art Committee of Yunnan Artists Association, aims to explore the display of the outstanding oil painters and artistic works in China, South Asia and Southeast Asia. This exhibition mainly sorts out different kinds of wonderful art ideas in today’s art world except the discourse of western art. It fully shows the art in the area which has been neglected for a long time and determines the art of self identity. This exhibition also shows a positive cultural confidence and attitude. Meanwhile, in search of this kindred land, there exists more possibilities in diversified artistic development and explores the characteristics of contemporary oil painting and painting language here. 
While our country put forward the construction of “The Belt and Road” (“the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road”), Yunnan will play a more important role in it. The exhibition held in Kunming during the China-South Asia Expo has a dual realistic and academic significance.

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