2016 “Asia Silklink International Art Exhibition” ASIAE, China.
Asia Silklink International Art Exhibiton (ASIAE)
Exhibition Period : 16 November to 10 December 2016
Venue : The University City Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.
University City, Guangzhou, China
Curator : Dr Choong Kam Kow (Malaysia) 

About 60 paintings by outstanding artists from 10 countries: Japan, South Korea, China, Macao, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand.

Vietnam has 5 artists invited: Phuong NguyenngocCuong Nguyen TranPham Huy ThongLê Thị ThúyLưu Tuyền.

Aim : 
1. To further strengthen cultural and artistic links along the Land and Sea Silkroad nations of Asia.
2. To promote Asian contemporary art
3. To foster exchanges and sharing of contemporary creative ideas among the Asian artists.

Theme : Asian Reflection.
The participating artists may interpret and reflect their native ways of life, social and cultural values on any matters or issues based on their own ideas, views, experience, opinions, feelings or attitudes and methods. It is anticipated that the native Asian characteristics will evolve and appear in their works making this international art exhibition a very a significant platform for visual expression regarding national cultural values , social conditions and current issues of countries along the route of Land and Sea Silkroad of Asia.

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