2014 Sasaran International Art Festival
71 artists from 24 countries gathering in Sasaran - a peacefull fishing village in Selangor Malaysia to paticipate its international art festival and work shop. This is third time the event was held in the place. The Art Festival has turn Sasaran from an unknown village to a land mark Art in Malaysia

The activities of this art festival will include painting, sculpture, dance performance, music, fashion parade, art exhibition road show and other art related activities. 
More than 70 artists from countries like Australia, USA, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Philippine, Singapore, Hungary, Italy, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Romania, Mongolia and Malaysia will meet at Sasaran for the workshop, seminar, painting, sculpture, street performance and also participating in other programs during the art festival.
Besides providing the platform for the international artists, the art festival also organize art education program such as Children Art Camp, Fashion Parade. Not forgetting the public, the program in the art festival also includes music performance and exhibition of art works.

The Festival activities happen from Nov 27th,2014 to Dec 8th, 2014. The exhibition will last longer, untill Dec 16th,2014

Solo Exhibitions
Selected Group Exhibitions
Other Group Exhibitions
Awards, Residencies & Workshops