2012 "Buy Bye", Vue de Privee Gallery, Singapore
Vue Privée will inaugurate on Apr 26th ,2012 its new gallery at Spottiswoode Park, Singapore with 'Buy Bye,' a group exhibition that looks at the subject of luxury consumerism in Asian society.
Buy Bye” brings together six talented artists from across the region: Astari (Indonesia), Aíman (Singapore), Han Yajuan (China), Justin Lee (Singapore), Pham Huy Thong (Vietnam) and Tr853-1 (Singapore).
..Pham Huy Thongʼs Dong Bao series has been using the narrative of an old Vietnamese legend to discuss the political and social discontent he perceives in his native Vietnam. According to the legend, all Vietnamese descend from Lac Long Quan (a dragon from the ocean) and Au Co (a fairy
from the mountains). Au Co gave birth to 100 sons and since then Vietnamese have been calling each other “Dong bao,” or children from the same womb. Using a crimson background and babies linked by an umbilical cord as if the scenes are still taking place in Au Coʼs womb, Pham presents todayʼs Vietnamese in search of new pursuits – keeping up with the latest trends. In To the Top, the babies are pushing a Rolls Royce up a steep hill of hundred dollar bills, working together in search of a better life.

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